Thursday, June 13, 2013

One more big bird!

The snowy owls finally came into stock last week, so I had a few rushed here!  Time to get them put together very fast!!!  So , I started out by cutting those thick plasticard pieces to make bases.

Here are the parts...

After filing and washing, it's time to glue them together, using the "glue-green stuff-glue" technique.

This is very helpful on figures such as these, where the pieces are usually not going to line up very cleanly.

Not only does that fill the gaps automatically, meaning less work later, but it makes the joint a lot stronger!

This was very helpful on the wings!  The ring of green stuff mixed in with the glue, and make a shaky joint rock solid from the start.  Also, it means you don't have to wait for ages holding the part in place waiting for it to dry!  The green stuff does it for you.

The pieces are all in place.

Now it is time to work your way around the bird on the inevitable gaps.  I start out with the ones on the underside, so that I am way less likely to stick my fingers in those as I move to the areas on the back!

Working my way around.  The most difficult areas are the ones on the underside, since they can be hard to get to, and so are the gaps by the larger feathers.  You have to sculpt a few feathers of your own in those places to keep it from looking odd.

You can see one of those areas here...

All gaps filled, gravel added to the base, and a bit of the brown craft paint as primer!

Time for painting!!!


  1. That's a really cool miniature, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

    1. Since the photo of the miniature on the box is mine, I know exactly how I can paint this guy :-) I still have the original reference photos that I used...