Friday, June 14, 2013

Another demon, another big base

Here we have the big 60mm base for the Ultraforge Pleasure Demon.  I added some products from Secret Weapon to this base, such as the resin skulls and a skeleton which is also available.  That is very poseable, since the arms, legs, head, and torso are all individual pieces.

They have a new product about to be released which is a bag of corpses! They look fantastic.

I put a few basic colors on the palette to begin.  Some warm colors, some cooler, lighter, darker, etc.

The initial layers are very simple.  All I want to do is cover the surface quickly, and find out what I want to do with the colors.  I am experimenting with the Badger air brush paints, by the way, which is why the colors will be a bit shiny early on.

You can see that I have already begun to add lighter colors.  I am working very quickly, so the colors are still wet for the most part.

This view with the palette shows you some of the colors that were mixed.

Lighter and lighter on the rocks.  Remember, I am going back in later to get more shading and tinting...

Lighter still.  Notice that the skeleton has a variety of colors on it already, and that I have even alowwed some of the surrounding grey to work in as well.

Now it is almost time to work in the washes and glazes!

Here are some of the first glazes.  I had the usual colors on the palette.  Concrete, soft body black, a sepia... blue black, etc.  Those were the Secret Weapon washes.

Now I am doing a second and even a third layer of glazes, getting darker with each step.

After adding some cracks to the rocks, I go back in with some lighter middle tones and lights to 'pull out' some of the shapes.  I also did a little clean up work on the skulls and skeletons, where things may have not been very smooth.

I also took some dark brown and blue regular paint and put in the deepest dark shades.


  1. What do you think so far of the badger minitaire paints for handbrushing? I have the whole set, but I've been using them almost exclusively for airbrushing.

    1. I am still doing a lot of experimenting at this point. Right now, I have been trying to use them in situations where I am painting something with very rough texture, where a thinned down paint is very important!