Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not a complete wash out...

Well, on a night where just about every electronic device was shut down and unplugged with all the crazy impending storms of doom, I had to wait to get this posted.

Kind of like waiting through 3 OT's for the Hawks to get that winning goal!  Most of the guys on the ice looked a lot like me at 5am :-)

Anyway, these images show the complete set of Secret Weapon washes.  You have been seeing me work these into my techniques more and more.

I tired to break them down into 'families' here... or are they line shifts?

From what I have tried of this batch, you have some very intense, or 'staining' colors.  Cathy sorta found that out when she had a little fumble getting some of the drying blood on her palette.

This group is very interesting, in that you have some opaque washes included.  You have seen me use the armor wash a lot in recent posts.  I certainly look forward to the parchment wash.  That will go right in with concrete for some fun opaque light glazes!

I have not tried any of these, which will be very helpful on my terrain and basing.  

This batch has seen a lot of action for me.  You know all about the concrete, and how I like to use both the hard and soft body blacks.  Now I get a chance to see what Storm Cloud can do.

I have used the Algae and blue black on my metal surfaces, mixing them in with the hard and soft body black.  I am very eager to try the cool grey mixed with concrete for some metal surfaces...

Get your sunglasses ready, because here are the bright washes.  Obviously very highly saturated.  These will probably take the most testing to figure out the best use.  Right off the bat, I can see them being helpful to get some washes on colors that you want to remain high chroma, or saturated, even after a wash.

I will have to see if any of these have that same opaque quality.  I hope so, since that could mean some very fun effects!

Once again, many thanks to the folks at Secret Weapon for coming up with some very nifty products!!!!!!


  1. Be careful with your second group because that golden brown is a metallic wash.

    1. Thanks! I have not tried out a bunch of these yet. Some of the ones I mentioned were ones that I had used or had spoken with other about.

      Now I am warned! It would have been pretty funny finding that out myself :-)