Saturday, June 1, 2013

Final images of the Ultraforge Demon Prince

OK!  Time for the final images of the Demon Prince.

I had to keep things relatively simple, so that there would be enough time in the video to show all the flesh tone action.

The armor and sword will only get a cursory show in the video, to illustrate how those colors are set to interact with those flesh tones.  For instance, how the greenish tint to the armor is designed to make the reds of the fleshtones look even warmer, without having to add orange, etc.

That will be going on in many of the videos... manipulating one color to create an illusion.  You can see in this view that the sword is more of a bluish tinge.  That is to reflect some of the floor color, which is very close to the blade.

The back of the wings could be much warmer, since it was not facing the floor.

The underside of the wings were made a bit cooler, in contrast ti the top of the wings...

You can see that pretty well in this view.

And this one, along with the greens in the armor.

To reflect  some of these cooler colors, I put some on the face as well, and on the feet.

A few more figures were finished last night, so stay tuned!!!


  1. It's gorgeous. I have been using your highlight/shade down/final highlights for doing squads. It's VERY gratifying to see how things jump from one stage to the next. Great way to keep motivated on units that would otherwise become a boring assembly line slog!

    1. Very cool! I am glad that it makes what could be so tedious a little more fun!!!