Friday, May 31, 2013

Glazing and tinting the Utraforge Demon

When we last left our Demon Prince, he was just about ready for all the shading and tinting with the glazes.

These next few shots show what he looked like with the first few layers of washes and glazes...

Remember, we will still be going back in to work on the middle tones, and creating the bright highlights as well!

The idea behind all the dark shading and tinting is to eliminate all the exotic color blending that would have been necessary to get all the variations in flesh tones which I did on this piece.

This stage helps to set the tone for that final stage, where I take the colors further and further.  

These images might illustrate that a bit, in particular on the face, feet, hands and armor.

If the glazes and washes made an area slightly more green, for example, I can either take that green even further with the opaque middle tone layers, or work in the opposite way with my lightest colors, thus creating more contrast.

I know this is not a typical approach to miniature painting!  However, I have said many times (and many ways) that I view miniatures as three dimensional watercolors or pastels.  I approach each one in this manner, worrying about center of interest, value patterns, hard and soft edges, etc.

I will post the pictures of the finished Demon Prince tomorrow!!!  Stay tuned.


  1. that is insane! nice Prince you have there mate!

    1. Many thanks! Wait until you see the finished pics...

  2. Spectacular! The level of contrast on this piece is awe-inspiring, but not visually jarring at all. Somehow, it looks like something that just jumped off a giant piece of canvas art.

    1. Many thanks! That is exactly how I approach miniature painting, as a 3D watercolor or pastel :-)