Saturday, June 1, 2013

Abbadon and Loki continue...

You have seen me working on the base for the Forgeworld Abbadon and Loki set.  This set of images shows what they looked like during the shaded basecoat stage.

As usual, the goal here is to make the colors as light as possible... as quickly as possible.  

Once all these lighter layers have been established, then it's time for glazing and shading!

For those of you not familiar with what I am talking about, the top bar of the blog has a shaded basecoat article.  There are also numerous articles of a similar nature in just about every category!

Stay tuned for that next exciting episode :-)


  1. Ahem, that's Loken, not Loki ; )

    1. He he... I always have fun messing with GW character names :-) It was all I could do to resist calling him Abbey...

  2. The epic battle between brothers... I'm so anxious to see the endresult!! ;-)