Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Hellish Hell Drake

Everyone already knows that these are a pain in the you know what to play against, and I am pretty sure they know they are not so easy to paint, either!  As I was standing in the tournament check-in line at Adepticon, I could hear people discussing the painting of Hell Drakes each time the line moved past a board with one (or three!) of them on it.

I think I posted some WIP images of this showing how many individual parts I painted before glueing them all together.  It had to be at least 20.

Painting both sides of every wing was just a tad bit time consuming, to say the least.

I did utilize the weathering powders in more of a 'painterly' fashion on this piece.  It helped me get some interesting effects on the golds in areas that would have been very tough to reach otherwise.

I also used them more in a standard fashion for the streaks, but knowing I could actually use them to paint some of the other colors was really neat!

I have many more images that I will post over the next few days as CMON Expo plays out, so I hope you don't get sick of them!

Time to go!!


  1. Beautiful. For a deamon anyway, glad I found your blog :-)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and for checking out the blog!! Much appreciated.

  2. Simply stunning. Cracking model.

  3. I may not like the model, but the painting job is great !
    For me It's amaizing how big the model is and how many part you had to paint.
    I would leave it in the middle of work I guess... to much for me :P
    But I realy like the gold and the "eyses" of the beast.
    Congratulations :)

    1. Many thanks! This guy was very hard to paint, but very rewarding!