Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Skeleton Cavarly... that's NOT Tomb Kings :-)

You have seen these skeleton cavalry in the prep stage for quite a while, but now here is the finished color test piece!  It was really odd to be painting a skeletal horse that was not one of the old plastic GW figures.

There are definitely a lot more complicated things going on with each of the joints.  Many more tiny bones!

After working with this one, I am glad that I chose it for the painting bone video.  There are lots of different things going on, and you have just enough items like straps and armor to provide opportunities for color and shading contrasts.

It really was the ideal figure for what I needed which is very cool!  I could get all sorts of fun color variations.  Subtle green and reddish tints, even some greyish blue in places.  All this provides for much more interesting colors to look at besides bleached bone and brown wash.  In fact, there was no bleached bone used. :-)

On the flip side, it is not so complicated that it will require a frenzied pace to get it all finished in the time limit.

I hope that you all enjoy following the video of this guy!


  1. James,

    I've really enjoyed looking at all of your wonderful pieces! I'm not sure how regularly I'll be keeping up with your blog once Reader goes away though. I aspire to paint in a similar style to you with all of the NMM and the large range of colors. I will be happy if I can paint to 75% of your standard. How is the DVD series going? I'd like to order some if it's not too late!


    1. It's not too late at all, since this is still the kickstarter phase. They don't go public until after the pledgers get theirs, which would be after September!


  2. I realy like the horse mini here. It's quite different from the GW one.
    Much more complex ;) But the skeleton rider looks too "simple" IMO.
    It's hard to say why I don't like it.

    The panting job is amaizing ! How mamy paints did you used ?
    Because I can see quite a lot of shades and tones.
    About the mini - is it one of the mantic products ?

    As the subject of the DVD set came out, did you considered any translations of your vids ? Subtitles and so one... ?

    1. There are lots of colors used here. You can get a glimpse of how on the Tomb Kings threads :-)