Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mass basing

Here is something from last week.  I needed to get a good chunk of the bases painted for the video miniatures, since most of those instructions don't involve the base itself.  

If it's a video about painting reds, I won't be wasting precious time on painting a base. :-)  That's why I have videos covering that topic!

This was some quick 'down and dirty' base painting.  I had mixed up a few lighter colors to brush over the generic brown.  One was a little more green, another more yellow, and so on.  That had to do with what colors might be on the figure.  For instance, if the miniature was going to have lots of warm colors on it, I trend towards cooler colors on the base.

As you can see, dozens of figures were done all at once.

The lighter colors were taken even farther than normal, in order set up the subsequent glazes and shading.

They are all just about ready for glazing!

When I get down to the glazing, I will set up a few standard colors...

You can see a sepia tone, a black, and the concrete wash from Secret Weapon that I talked about in the painting of the sci-fi base.

I use a larger brush, but one that still has a fairly sharp tip.  Varying the glazes on each part of the base to create interest, I darkened and shaded one base at a time.

I did at least 2 -3 layers of this glaze in certain parts of each base, trying to create and interesting pattern of lights and darks.  Also, I tried to keep in mind where the miniature would be, and if there would be a lighter or darker set of colors touching the base.

Time to paint the edges black, and call them done for now!!


  1. May I know something more about these skeletal horses? Who produces them?

  2. Thanks, I think i found some new toys:)

    1. They are not the cheapest in the world, but if you need something non GW... :-)

  3. Thanks a lot for that short tutorial.
    I tend to spent waaaaaaay to much time on every step, this will prove helpful !

    Could I ask who produces those gorgeous Witchelves ?

    I NEED THEM !!! :D