Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On a wing and a prayer...

I think a few of you might recognize this color scheme from somewhere :-)

As I said over and over again at Adepticon, I would work in the Dark Eldar freehand into one of the videos!  I had these in mind from the start, because they were the closest thing to the jetbikes as a non-GW figure.

The idea is to do as many kinds of freehand over as many surface shapes as possible.  That's why just about every square millimeter has some fashion of design on it.

The good folks at Urban Mammoth gave me the OK to use a few of their minis for the videos, and the Archangels have always been favorites of mine.

I tried to work in as many different types of freehand as I could, even on the base itself.  There will also be a 'side session' or two showing how I work out potential designs in a two dimensional form first.

The gals in the video are the 'flying' versions of the Vasa Archangels.

Be sure to check out the Urban Warfare figures and the game.  They do some amazing art, which leads to fantastic minis!


  1. The eyes and tattoos look great to me. But the most amazining for me is the gun :)
    I'm wondering how the whole army full of freehands will look like.

    I mean, not to may freehands ? Wouldn't it be too motley for the viewer ?

    1. Actually, I did a whole army with this freehand. Just check out the Dark Eldar army :-)

  2. Love the freehands. Can't wait for my video(s)! Appreciate the updates and your blog.

    1. Glad you enjoyed that! I hope you will have lots of fun with the video!!