Thursday, May 16, 2013

Your flight has arrived

More pictures of the Hell Drake.  Our flight to Atlanta was not hellish, however, which was nice :-)

We are now in town for CMON Expo.  I took what supplies I could on the plane to do a little brushwork on minis here and there.  I also have some of the new Secret Weapon powders (and another interesting new product!) to do some experimentation.

Many thanks to Randall for rescuing us from the airport!  We learned the hard way about the crazy tram and the baggage claim area...

Now to the Hell Drake.  While this is not the largest thing I have painted, it was by far the most complex, for all the reasons I mentioned in the previous post.

Seeing the pictures is quite different from the view I had as I was painting this.  Cathy and I talk about this effect all the time.  When you look at something as long as I was looking at this thing, you can't see the proverbial forest for the trees.

All you want to do is hack it all down with a monstrous chain saw.

The camera can become that impartial observer.  One who does not know which parts you may have struggled with, etc.  It's the closest way to see it the way another person might for the first time.

We have experienced this effect so often, we will often talk the other person down off the ledge by saying "Wait until the pictures are processed!".  I can't tell you how many times each of us has looked at the pictures and claimed that the mini was far better than we initially thought!


  1. Really spectacular! I love how you paint and I love the pedestals you do.

    I hope my English is good.

  2. Just saw this one. Wow. Yeah....just