Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working on that modular cover save... fortifications part 2

OK!  We get back to the modular 40k fortifications.  When we last left this project, I was waiting for all the glue to set up on the various elements.  In this image, you can see the door that I had ready to go...

A platform was created to guard the entrance...

Now the gate and the pillbox are all set.

I put foam core on the tops of all the elements to give them just a bit of extra height.

I added some corner pieces, as these will be platforms for optional weapons such as heavy bolters, etc.  I believe that when you purchase bastions with your points, you can choose from a few weapons.

For more story driven games, I was going to make some communications arrays that might go in those corners or even teleport homers.

I added a few more elements to the walls.  I wanted these to be metal struts, to which I will be adding those rivets...

Speaking of rivets, here is the part that I hate the most... punching out the rivets!  It takes forever, or at least it feels that way.  Very tedious, but they are very important for the desired effect.

This is a sheet of relatively thin plasticard.  The hole punch is from an archive/scrapbooking store.

I tried to gather all the little rivets into one container, and got a new, sharp blade for my exacto knife, which I would use to place the rivets.

Here's some of those rivets in place!  Stay tuned for the final construction episode!

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