Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Above the watchtower, the Sisters do some house hunting...

I've got some views of the platform level of the watchtower.  

This part really benefitted from the flock, as it helped to create an extra sense of texture.  It also let me create the appearance of cracks and gaps between stones that were never there to begin with. :-)

It was also important to have as much of the mossy stuff as possible on this level, being so exposed to the elements.  Just as with the rest of the tower, it also gave me a bit of extra color.

If this were for my own gaming table, I would have used my magnetic paint so that my figures would really stick to the upper level.  I do this with all of my terrain, since all of my miniatures have magnetized bases!

I put the Konigsberg Sisters on the upper level to see what it would look like with some minis on top!

The bases were taller, so they stuck out above the parapet a little more than most minis would.  However, given the line of sight rules that are in just about every system, that means you won't be able to 'hide' attacking figures at the base of the tower, out of sight from the folks on the top platform.

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