Thursday, March 7, 2013

Completing the fortifications!

There were three final tasks remaining to finish off the fortifications.  The first was to glue all the rivets in place, which takes a lot of time.  However, it always looks neat!

For the parts that are not metal, I had to make some pock marks.  This would be the second element that I needed to add.  
I took that same very sharp exacto blade and chopped out some chunks of various sizes.  I also added some bullet holed by pressing a ball point pen into the foam.

I added a few chipped out areas to the walls, using that same super sharp exacto blade to that I would not tear away the board from the foam.

This gives you a nice view of the rivets on the walls.

The last task.  Out comes the trusty Oxide Paste.

The oxide paste does far more than just fill in gaps.  I allows me to create a rough texture on what will be metal surfaces to create a rusty, encrusted look.

It also lets me hide unwanted texture, such as the painter's tape.  I learned that on the Tomb Kings army board project.

So, I will be painting this thing up, which is actually going to be another kind of experiment.  Stay tuned!!

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