Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Ruined Chapel... part 1

This is a piece of terrain that I have been eager to try for quite a while.  I had hoarded the supplies for it, waiting for a chance to give it a try.  One of the interesting items I had saved was some sheets of textured plasticard that looked like tile floors.

Here's a better view.  Normally I would just cut up pieces of matt board or hard board, but this stuff seemed like it would be fun!

To make the walls, I took some of that nifty craft foam that Rich had given me.  Unlike the normal pink foam, this carves extremely well, especially with a very sharp knife.  The pink foam will crumble a little more easily.  I traced out a window pattern that would give some good sight lines to 28mm figures, and but them out.

The pink foam is a special corner piece.

Here you can see that I have hacked away at the white foam, trying to simulate the broken stones as quickly as possible.

I cut some foam board to support the walls.  This would make it a bit more decorative, and provide a better surface for gluing the walls to the base.

The walls begin to rise!  You can see how I am using the corner piece to help join the two walls together...

The walls have been raised.  I tried to keep enough open space in the interior to easily place at least ten 28mm figures inside.

Meanwhile, on the exterior, I wanted to provide cover by using the thickness of the walls to cut down on sight lines from outside the structure.

To create the next decorative element (which also offers some more support to the walls), I cut a bunch of uniformly sized strips of foam core.

I matched whatever damage had been done to the main walls on these support pieces, and glued them in place.

This was done between all the window sections.  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion, where we put in the floor, use the excess window cut outs as fallen stones, and glue in all the rock and gravel!!  It will be lots of fun!


  1. This looks very promising indeed!

    1. Thanks! I will probably post the painted images in a day or two :-)