Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A little fixer-upper, painting the house...

For everyone who has been waiting to see what the house would look like painted, today is your day!

I'm starting off with the top views, so that you can see the roof and the ground treatments a little better.  I will post some ground level views later...

This was another pretty limited palette.  The same black, white, sap green, cadmium red, and tan.  I did use a little Vallejo dark sea blue and some black ink for certain effects, such as the windows and cracks.

I put a layer of gloss varnish over the windows, which gives them just a bit of a transparent look.  I didn't want to go too shiny, since they are not exactly supposed to be high quality plate glass :-)

I love putting the mossy stuff on rooftops!

Once again, the grass and flock was used to create some extra color contrast.  I focused on the reddish and tan colors during the painting, so that brighter green adds a little splash!

By painting the windows the darker blue grey, it allowed me to lighten up the wood trim around it with the tan, adding some interest there as well.

Finally, making the cracks with the liner brush and the ink mixed with various paints is the touch that I look forward to the most!


  1. the tower was great, the fortress excellent but this is magic :-) !!!

    1. Many thanks! I think I still have another set of pictures to post on this... It was lots of fun!

  2. I'm soooo jealous :-)! You were right when you said: "wait till you see the house".

  3. This is great. I was amazed. Keep this up.