Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ruined Chapel: Part 2

All right!  When we last left the chapel, we were putting on the extra wall bracing.  There will be two layers.  The first (the thin strips of foam core) were already applied...

I took additional strips of the same with, but cut them much shorter.

The top end was beveled, and then they were glued to the walls once they had been 'aged'

This was done on all the wall supports.

Meanwhile, for the interior, we needed a floor!  I cut the textured plastic sheet to size, and even cut out some missing tiles, etc.

To show some damage and partial collapse of the walls, I took the left over cut outs of the windows and sliced them up into various 'stone sized' pieces.

Those pieces had the corners chipped away, and they were placed in piles in the corners where the walls appeared to be falling down.

I tried to make sure that the two piles were not the same size and shape, as this was better for composition.  It is also the reason why I made one wall longer than the other!

Now it's time for the final elements of the construction.  A few different types of rocks and gravel were applied to finish things off.  I used the glue and finer grain gravel to fill in any gaps, or hide the join lines in the vertical wall supports, etc.

You can see that process continue here...

A little closer view of the gap filling, and the types of grain used.  

Hiding the edges of the textured plastic sheet...

And now it is left to dry, so that it can be painted!!!


  1. Really looking forward to seeing this finished. Great Work!

    1. Thanks! The painting is under way now... :-)