Monday, March 4, 2013

All Along the Watchtower: Part 1 of 3

This particular terrain building project will be featured in one of the Painting Pyramid videos.  I built this piece to get a better idea of the materials that would be needed, how much time each particular aspect of the tower took to make, etc.

I began by cutting a 2 inch thick section of foam into a few shapes.  The rock formation was done using a technique that you can find in several previous terrain building threads.  Onto this was added a few rectangular pieces that would form the 'body' of the tower.

This was kept relatively small, as I didn't want to create a massive tower!  You can see the 28mm figure which was used for scale.  It was important to have that around when it came time to make the platform on top.

I still had some very thin pink foam left, so that was cut into the correct sizes and shapes.  By measuring the height of the archer, I got a better idea of how the crenellations should be spaced.

I made some marks on the foam (after cutting a beveled edge along the top first), so that I knew where to make my cuts.

Once I had this first piece, I used it to measure the other 3 walls...

Then it was time to glue them on!

The basic platform has now taken shape.

I cut out some supports for the platform out of a few scraps of pink foam.  These were more for decoration than anything else, but they do add an element of realism...

I glued them in place...

Once that set up, I added some steps to one side of the tower.

Stay tuned for Part Two!!


  1. Already taking shape nicely, great job Sir.

  2. very nice.

    what is the figure you used there for scale? it looks like an elf archer of sorts?