Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Haemonculus among us

Realizing that my unit of Grotesques needed a baby sitter, I figured I would give them a Haemonculus.  I now realize that this is a special character figure. but at the time, I didn't realize that there was a 'regular' Haemonculus figure.  So, I just went ahead and painted this guy.

I used all the same techniques that I had used in painting the Grotesques, in terms of the blood and glowing vials.

 It was a little tricky, as those guys were pretty huge, and he was so small by comparison!  I also repeated the same hot lava pattern on his cloak, and the basing as well.

Here he is with the entire unit!

At least I have one unit finished for Adepticon!

The next unit I will try to tackle will probably be the Incubi, and the Archon.

I guess you have to start somewhere.  The vast majority of the army is assembled, based, and waiting for paint!  You will be seeing all kinds of new techniques being developed on this army, which is really the point of painting these things!

At least 80% of the painting videos have techniques and topics that were developed in the process of painting my own armies.  As I have mentioned many times, my own armies are laboratories, where experimentation is the rule.  New materials, new color combos, new techniques, etc., abound with my armies.


  1. Stunning unit but his coat is a killer !

    1. Glad you liked that! It will be the main freehand on all the vehicles, bikes, etc. Should be fun!