Monday, March 4, 2013

All Along the Watchtower: Part 2

Well, time for the next stage!

I wanted to create a stone texture along the edges of the tower.  I grabbed a bunch of cereal boxes to get some heavier stock paper.  That was cut into strips, and then small pieces.

They were not completely uniform, so that they would be a bit more random.

I glued them to the corners, alternating the longer and shorter pieces like this:

This was done on each of the corners...

For the platform, I cut larger pieces, and also cut some pieces of thinner paper to get some variation.

These were placed along the platform as randomly as possible.  Since they will be covered by flock, leaves, and miniatures, I didn't get too crazy with this process!

To cover the seam where the two pieces of foam were glued together, I used some leftover bits of paper.

Get ready for the final stage, which includes sculpting the door!  Stay tuned...

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