Friday, February 1, 2013

Titles and such, more tests...

Today I filmed a video of a Raging Heroes Mantis warrior for the Non-Human Demonette flesh tone.

I think some of you have already seen the one that I painted a few weeks ago.  This one was a test of a  non-Rivet Warrior miniature, to see what the lighting would be like, the focus, etc.

I also wanted to see if I could leave myself enough 'blank space' to insert a few key bits of information.

Here's the palette... kinda wild for just 6 colors, eh? :-)

This is probably the last test in this location.  I have to shift to the new work table, as eventually we will be adding the additional magnifier lights and most importantly, the large monitor so I can get a better view of what I am doing.

This a quick set of pics part way through the filming...

And then Rich came by, so that we could work on a new bit of editing.  This is where I wanted to locate a segment in a given demo where I mention a prominent subject that draws heavily from another video.  In this case, I brought up Glazing as the technique I was using.  Whenever I do that, I want to tell the viewer where they can get more information regarding that topic.

So, we found the exact time stamps where I mentioned things like "Shaded Basecoat" and so on, and positioned a block of text in that spot which told people which video they could get more info on that technique.

Well, tomorrow is going to be a very long, busy day!!

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