Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mage Priest Babo Returns!!!

As we cross the 1000 post plateau, and stand just one day away from the Blog's first Birthday, we see the return of the most powerful mage priest in all of Lustria.

Mage Priest BABO!!!

Many years ago, I was given some really old miniatures.  One of them was a mystery to me.  I had no idea what it was supposed to be.  It looked like a toad with part of a throne.  That's all there was.

I started playing Warhammer in 2008, my first army was Lizardmen. After a few games, I figured out what the mage priest was all about, and then I saw this guy in an old version of the Lizardman army book!  The Temple Guard palanquin bearers were missing, which is just as well, since it never would have fit in the unit in 7th edition.

Instead, I baked some sculpey, and crafted the palanquin myself.  I used some green stuff to make the extra details such as vines, leaves and snakes.

I made a base for him in the style of the army, and there he was!!!  Ready to lead my scaley hordes to victory.  He did, in fact, do so in a tournament, my first in 7th edition.

Less than a week left!  Don't be left out of the Pyramid!


  1. Excellent job with the old Slann Mage Priest. He was always one of my favorite models from their old range. When I first started miniature gaming, the Lizardmen were one of the first armies to catch my eye. Unfortunately, I don't feel that their current range of miniatures is very inspiring. The newer rendition of the Slann Priest is really one of the only models from their newer range that I like. I wish they would get Brian Nelson to re-sculpt a lot of their plastic kits...