Saturday, January 26, 2013

The rest of the crazy Gobbos from Gamezone!

These guys just kept getting funnier.  Cathy painted the fanatics, and some pesky Gobbos that had a different sort of 'moon' in mind...

Gotta love the Target Goblin!

And this guy hauling garbage...

This shaman was fun as well with the warpstone.

The various bases were done in a few ways... either carving a chunk of baked sculpey, or by sculpting some rocks with apoxy sculpt.

Look out!  Incoming!

The Painting Pyramid kickstarter is almost at the next stretch goal...


  1. Incredibly beautiful painting - true works of art. Best,Dean

    1. Thanks! Sometimes you think you should not invest too much time in goblins, but these were just too much fun :-)