Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dredge Blackwater, Highwayman

Here is another offering from Stonehaven Miniatures!  He is Dredge Blackwater, a dwarf highwayman.

Dredge utilizes his talents in the most direct way possible.  He is not one to spend much time thinking out a plan, but only because he creates excellent plans so quickly.
He does not always communicate his intentions.  Dredge jumps immediately into action and explains himself afterward!

This was another one of those 'limited palette' exercises.

Every color that I used on this was greyed down, and I used the same greenish off-white for the highlights on all the colors.  This was to give him a bit more shadowy appearance.

This set of views gives you a better look at the base.  The base itself is from DragonForge...

While I added some leaves from Woodland Scenics.  You can see that I took some of the maple leaves (a thin tissue-like substance), and glued them onto the base.  Once they set up, I painted them in a fall scheme.  Semi dried out leaves...

A few more shots of the leaves.  These things can really add to a base, that's for sure!!!

There are lots of basing technique videos on the Painting kickstarter here, and more are being added!

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