Saturday, January 26, 2013

Magnetizing your Forge Fiend...

The latest crop of GW figures have definitely gone the way of ball and socket joints lately.  This has been causing me some consternation as I try to figure out ways to magnetize them,  Gone are the days of the dreadnought arms, where that one miracle magnet takes care of everything!

For a while, I was trying to drill into the 'ball' part of the joint to sink the magnet in there.  This took a long time, and it lead to a less than strong joint.  Also, polarity issues could be even more tragic if you got them wrong, etc.

Some of you may have seen my newer method of magnet to metal.  It has spared me the polarity craziness, and saved on magnets!

Somehow the idea struck me that if I were to change the joint itself, all those waiting magnets might work again.

Out came the razor saw, and I started slicing away...

Now I had created a space for the big hefty magnet to go!

And cut some magnetized sheet metal for the weapon.  This is important!  Not all sheet metal is the same.  If you get #5545 vs #5544 or whatever, your magnets will be useless!  We test them out in the store after finding out the hard way.

Here is our waiting joint...

"Click!"  Yea!

Here's the rest of the weapon arms for the two Fiends.

I also did the same thing for the heads!

Next up:  Painting the Fiends.  This will be a classic case of "Shaded Basecoat!"

Yes, a link to the Kickstarter... I wish I could do a "Magnetizing your Minis" how to video...


  1. It's almost like they are trying to make magnetizing your army harder isn't it. Nah, nobody's that evil...Great work around BTW.

    1. Thanks! I tried to make them both "fighty" as well, but there was no way to make that work. It would have taken less time and been cheaper just to buy two more... :-)