Monday, January 28, 2013

Something to shake your Fist at :-)

At last, we arrive at the closing stages of those Pre Heresy Imperial Fist terminators!

When you last saw these, I was working in the lightest yellow colors.  That's about where we are in this image...

These next few images show the last couple of layers, where the final highlights were applied.  In addition, I worked on the reds.

After the reds were completed, I went back in to a lot of the symbols and icons to clean them up and get those finalized.

That left a few big tasks left to do, and the first would be the teal colors on the lightning claws, Thunder hammers and swords.  I worked on both the lightest and darkest colors to create more definition and smoother transitions...

Just about there!  I did a bit more freehand, and enhanced some of the weathering.

Here's a close up image of one of the final yellow highlights.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the pictures of the finished results!!!

This group needed several painting techniques, starting with the Shaded Basecoat.  I also had to do the yellows, lots of glazing, and some OSL, as well as freehand designs.  I have videos covering all those topics in the painting kickstarter program here:


  1. Beautiful model, like always. I got a question about the kickstarter project. I'm really interested in it, but it is a bit disturbing for me. It looks to me that u're mostly painting with a brush. I just got an airbrush (big investment) and I would to know if I can apply your techniques to my airbrush, or is it mostly directed to brush painting?

  2. Awesome work as always. Love the battle damage, made me think about adding some to mine.