Monday, January 28, 2013

Individual shots of the Imperial Fists terminators

As promised, some of the individual terminator shots.  There was definitely a wide variety of wargear!

The group shots showed how I was trying to make each one unique via freehand designs, such as the storm shields and the icons / numerals.

The bases were provided by DragonForge Designs.  They are outstanding, with perfect quality every time!

The teal glow on various pieces of wargear was fun to paint, and also provided a nice contrast with all the warm colors!

This was my favorite storm shield design.  If you have seen the Imperial Fist Storm Raven, you will recognize that design!!

The rest will be shown tomorrow!  Stay tuned...

Here's something fun!  Rivet Wars just posted the quick video I did for them.  This is very scaled back from the ones I am making for the kickstarter (those are 40 minutes longer, with text, etc.), but it does give you a bit of a taste:

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