Sunday, January 20, 2013

Painting the Temple of Blood

Here are a few shots that I took when I painted the original Temple of Blood which I sculpted years ago!

I started out by painting various warm grey on all parts of the structure.

I wanted to keep it all as lightly colored as possible, so that the weathering would really show up, and my dark trim would set off the bright, primary colored tiles!

From there, I painted all the glyphs.  Once those were painted, it was time to do some weathering!

I also painted the trim around each level with a dark color made from mixing walnut brown with regal blue.

I stained the wood plaque a nice dark brown as well, to reflect that trim color...

For the tiles on the roof of the Temple, I went with very bright primary colors.

Here's those clever little Skinks!!!

And some Temple Guardians...

This view gives you a better look at the various glyphs, and a peek at the altar!

Stay tuned for the final installments, with all the pictures of the finished Temple!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow - fantastic piece of art! I like it a lot. Best, Dean

    1. Many thanks! It is interesting how differently I approached the more recent Temple of Blood that became my display board! So much learned in the interim!