Sunday, January 20, 2013

The First Great Temple of Blood!

As the Blog nears its one year anniversary, I wanted to get back into the subject matter that started it all... the Lizardmen!

I began the blog just a few days after I saw that my Lizardman Army which had won the Armies on Parade trophy at Games Day in 2011 was featured in the White Dwarf.

Most of the posts in those early days were, of course, about that army.  Now, nearly a year,  500,000+ page views and 400 followers later, it's time to get back to Lustria!!

This is the original Temple of Blood that I sculpted many years ago.  At this time, I was building dioramas entirely from Sculpey.  This was not an easy process, as I had to worry about weight, etc.  I built these with hollow interiors, using a system of wire as rebar!

Once these walls were constructed, I baked the clay and perpared to move on to the next stage.

The Sculpey I used here was the standard white Sculpey. That's important, as it is much easier to carve and manipulate it once it has been baked

The stairs were added once the original levels had been baked and solidified.

The structure was baked again, and I began to work on the more decorative elements of the Temple.  This time, I as using Super Sculpey, which is why it has the pink color.  That type of Sculpey has more strength, but it is also much more difficult to carve.

The various glyphs had been sculpted and then cast, so that I could press Sculpey into the moulds and make several copies to place around the Temple.  Clever little Skinks!

The four serpent columns would hold up the roof of the Temple.  I had also made moulds of them, so that they would be the same size!

All of the pieces were baked, and the various textures carved, such as exposed bricks, cracks,  etc.

Stay tuned for the next stage of the Temple... getting some painting action!!


  1. Wonderful.

    Wainting for the painting guide.


    1. Many thanks! I just put up some of the in progress painting images!

  2. Looking good - commendable work on this nice piece. Best, Dean

  3. What a fabulous looking build, looking forward to the nest stage.