Monday, January 21, 2013

The finished views of the First Temple of Blood

So, we see what the Temple looked like upon completion!

All of the glyphs have been painted, the tiles, and the weathering.

Grass and flock have been added, along with some aquarium foliage to get more of a jungle setting.  I also used some vines from Woodland Scenics.  It is a two part system.  There are the vines themselves, which you glue to the desired surface.  Then you can glue a variety of leaf colors onto it, creating some nifty ivy!

This will show up more clearly in the close ups that I took, and will be posting later.

You can also see how the various figures played their roles in completing the diorama.

Here's some nice views of the weathering, and the exposed brick understructure...

The view from above!

Tomorrow I will post some more views of the Temple... from up close!


  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks! These were so much fun to make back in the day!

  2. Amazing work - truly an artistic piece. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks!

      Have you seen the Temple or Kroak yet? I think that one followed this piece...

  3. That is just superb, thoroughly enjoyed watching this come together - splendid work Sir.

    1. Thanks! Some more views coming up tomorrow!

  4. Very colourful and impressive!