Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting to know the Rivet Wars grunts!!


Let's get to know some Allied infantry, shall we?

While the vehicles and cavalry could almost be painted with a standard approach, the ground pounders required something different.  It was similar to my shaded basecoat technique, but my normal glazing was set aside for the most part.

Painting the eyes is very important on these guys, as it really makes the whole miniature.  There was special effort taken to put "angry" faces on what would normally be considered a cutsie kind of thing.  So, I tried very hard to make the eyes as expressive as possible.  Given that the rest of the face is very flat, it is even more vital.

Of course, the eyes are much bigger here than normal, thus creating more opportunity.  I am hoping to have some step by steps soon!

Here are a few images:




My next post will bring out the Cavalry!!!  Stay tuned...


  1. when you painted these were you painting the figs that came with the game because the ones you painted look bigger for some reason

    1. I have no idea, since I have never seen any of the figures since I painted these. They were test prints, I think...