Monday, January 7, 2013

Back in the red again?


OK folks, just a wee bit of a break from the Rivet Wars kickstarter.  I wanted to show a few of my old Demonhunter red terminators that I painted back in 2008-09.


Of all the colors I have painted  Grey Knights over the years, I suppose red would be my favorite.  I always saw them as more evil than good, and thus the more demonic red suggested as such.




After many hours, and lots of frustration, I think I have been able to create enough graphics to redo my Kickstarter proposal.  These are not incredibly fancy, but it seemed like they would be very important to clarifying what I was trying to do!  It was incredibly time consuming, but hopefully it was worth it!

I also hope you have something fun to announce here in a few days...


  1. what colors do you use for there base amour? been wanting to do my purifiers like this, also all your models are amazing they gave me the push I wanted to start painting GK

    1. For stuff like these guys, I usually start off with a warmer red mid tone, and then lighten the color with yellow and finally off white.

      Then, in the darker areas, I do a series of glazes, starting with red, and gradually adding dark blue to that. This way, the shadow areas have more of a burgundy feel, and make a nice contrast to those warm highlights.

      Thanks for the kind words, and for checking out the blog!