Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gamezone Black Orcs!

Here are some interesting figures from Gamezone, which are available from CoolMiniorNot.

I am very tempted to snag some of these to use as orc characters and heroes for our Lord of the Rings games.  The GW versions are just not 'big' enough to represent an orc hero, and the armor on some of these guys just reeks Mordor...

There are a few weapon options on them, with shields, swords, axes, etc.

These next few are good examples of that...

Now that LOTR is much more WYSIWYG, you have to represent what weapons they actually have.  This makes these guys even more handy!

They go together in a very different way from what you would expect, so keep that in mind.  I did come up with a method that made creating strong joints pretty fast and easy...

This is definitely my favorite of all the Gamezone orcs.  Tons of character, great armor, and some options on weapons.  On top of a decorative base, you could definitely see him threatening the gates of Minas Tirith!


  1. nice work. I think I may need to pick up a couple of those myself!

    1. Very cool! I hope you have fun with them. If you have any questions on assembling them a little easier, just drop me a line...

  2. Easier and faster than classic pinning? Hmm... baking soda and cyano? Greenstuff and cyano?