Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A very unexpected journey: the first 'true' edit!!

Hey!  What a day it was!  We have been anxiously awaiting this day since last week, as it was designated the day to create the test video with all the implements in place.  Those have been collected through blood sweat and tears over the last 6-9 weeks, and now we would find out if it would all work!

First, I did a 1+ hour film session of a Rivet Wars figure, since their Kickstarter is entering its final days.

Learning from past tests, I filmed in short 5-15 minute "bursts", rather than shooting very long "straight through" shots that lasted 40 minutes or longer.  This would prove to be even more helpful than I thought. At first, it was done to save on upload time.  It would create, in the end, some great opportunities for editing!

Here you see the video with one of the sound tracks.  Getting comfortable with the interface would be important, as I was very used to things like Photoshop.  This was more like working with one of my old 3D design programs.  It was bewildering at first, and it does not come with a printed manual!

In the end, we did do some tests in the other bands, such as the effects bar, etc.  Not as much this time around, as we didn't want to overwhelm ourselves!

I was fortunate that we didn't have to do any voice overs.  That really kept things more basic.

The shadowy figure there is Rich, who came over to lend his knowledge, and more of his original music!  Thanks Rich!!!!

Here we are viewing the edited video, to see what it looks like all together...

We shot this in HD, so the first render is taking about 6 hours!  I think we are a few hours into it now.  I will be making some more web friendly versions to put on the Rivet Wars kickstarter.  However, this is something that could be burned to a DVD, so if you Beta Testers might want a copy of this, just shoot me an  e-mail!  This has many of the principles I will be doing for the Shaded Basecoat DVD.  Obviously the video is not as long, and not one of the Raging herores figures, but it was pretty fascinating to watch!

It really did re-create the feel of one of our hobby seminars, which was the point!!!!  Yea!

Here's the kickstarter page:

Here is our crack editing staff...


  1. Welcome to editing and it's ugly cousin - the render. Keep an eye on the sucker cause it's not unheard of for renders to crash part way through ;)
    Although, if that happens I'm pretty sure I'll be able to hear you cursing all the way from here in Canada 0.o

    1. Well, we are down to 2 hours, and it still seems to be OK! Let's hope it stays that way :-)

  2. I'm a big fan of Sony Vegas- there are a lot of YouTube tutorials out there that could be a big help. :) Love your work!

    1. As an avid yet newer painter, and a backer fo this wonderful kickstarter, thank you for all your work!

  3. Watched the video today and it was fantastic I've learnt a lot just from watching that.

    Now to decide which videos to pick for my kickstarter ones, ( only getting around to kick-starting now sorry )

    1. Many thanks! I am glad it was helpful!