Sunday, January 13, 2013

Air raid: Some Dragyri from Dark Age

It continues to be very very hectic here!  Lots of activity in so many areas.  Before I try to prepare for "officially" announcing the Kickstarter on CoolMiniOrNot, I wanted to get in a late night blog post. :-)

This one involves the Dragyri Air Caste.  We have a Trueborn, in this case a Whisper.  The flesh tones on these figures had to be grey, as opposed to the usual brown of the Ice Caste.

Here a Yovanka joins the Whisper.  The base design became a particular favorite of mine, and I did it for all the trueborns in this batch.

Here we have a Taskmaster, and a crystal base made from sculpey.  More techniques that I am making videos for the Kickstarter!

Here's the Taskmaster with some slaves...

And finally, a batch of normal slaves.  The Dragyri really "scale up", as you have these really little guys, who give way to some bigger Trueborns, all the way up to big monsters!


  1. How did you do the spiral design?

    1. The design was painted a medium blue color to get the shape, and then I used slightly lighter colors to 'pull out' the pattern in certain areas.

      I kept going lighter and lighter, until it had a slighlty 'glowing' effect.

      I hope that's helpful!