Sunday, January 13, 2013

Salamanders assault squad

Here's a fun squad of Salamanders that I did as part of a small army a few years ago.  If you search Salamanders in the search bar on the left, it will take you to the other posts, such as the Land raider and Drop pod.

The drop pod was the one and only plastic pod I will ever paint, since it was darn near impossible to put together.  I don't want to relive the crazy scene where Cathy and I are trying to hold together all the painted pieces at the same time, wishing that we each had 3 arms, etc.!

I tried to come up with a pattern that could be repeated on every vehicle and marine, hence the spots (no they are not supposed to be scales).

These guys are also on a set of sci-fi bases that I sculpted and cast for myself.  I think these were the first miniatures outside of my Demonhunters army where I used them!

OK, among the many tasks I have for today is to film a short little intro for the Kickstarter!  If it all works out, I will post that here.  Hopefully you will get a chuckle or two...

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