Friday, January 11, 2013

A few fun "action" shots from Rivet Wars!

I snapped a few more shots before these guys are sent off in the mail!  I tried to set up a few of the figures from each faction against each other.  Looking at the bike with the rockets, it might be really fun to have one of them in the process of being launched.

That could create a lot of Object Source Lighting opportunities!!!

Some shots at a variety of angles.  I wish I had a game board to show you what they would look like on it, but I am sure that the folks at CMON will do that as soon as they arrive!!!

In a little bit, we head off to get (hopefully) that computer which will let us make the sample videos!!!

Wish us luck :-)


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    1. We have returned! No Cathy will hook everything up and see what we have!!!