Sunday, December 9, 2012

Speedy Gonzalez: A quick Reaver Jetbike conversion

For those of you familiar with my Adepticon 2013 Dark Eldar project, you know that the army is based around jetbikes.

The story of the army involves rival Kabals of bikers who have temporarily joined forces to conquer an Imperial world that has a fantastic Hippodrome!  These Kabals are normally rival racing teams... hence the value placed on such a great place to show off their rides!!

I have a bunch of them built already, many of them with a bit of conversion here and there (you can search with the 'search bar' on the left hand column to find them).

I am making them as unique as possible, since I have lots of cluster caltrops and various weapons, so I want to be able to distinguish them from one another easily from one another.

To make an extra rear wing, I glued together a few pieces of plasticard together.

This gave me some decent thickness to work with...

A rough pattern is drawn out...

Followed by a rough cut.

The next step is to start creating an edge on the wing.  The rough cuts are done with an exacto knife.

I took a few files and worked on the edge some more.  Then it was time to do a few cuts into that edge.

Once the shapes are positioned, a round file is used to do the rest.

While there is more work to do on the wing, I wanted to get it glued down to see what I wanted to do with it next...

After gluing in a few little blades from the jetnike set just below the wing, it was time to add a few trophy helmets.  Those extra little bits were perfect for holding the helmets into place.

Some razorflails from the Wyche sprue made a nice little addition as well.

I will post the rest of the images later tonight.  Now I have to get back to more video camera tests!