Sunday, December 9, 2012

Racing ahead with the Reaver Jetbikes: Adepticon 2013

Under the ever watchful eye of Sammy, I continued to work on the quick Reaver conversion.

I noticed on the regular version of the jetbike sprue, you have a rear fin that has some tassles hanging off of it.  However, they are "tied on" through a hole in the back fin.  I started out by using the pin vice to start the hole, and then did the rest with an exacto knife.

I also added a few space marine helmets for trophies!

I had clipped off a bunch of the hair bits from unused Dark Eldar heads, so they were perfect for the task at hand!

I added a skull on the other side...

And placed the rider.

During my first test game, I didn't realize that the riders also had splinter pistols.  I thought they should have a bit more close up firepower than just the splinter rifles!  Yeah, it's not exactly a bunch of heat lances, but every bit helps.

To remind me in the future, I am going to model as many as I can with splinter pistol arms from the Wyche sprues.

If you have done that search on the previous jetbike conversion posts, you will have seen a few of the bikes had a second cowling added to the front.

I did this to get more variety, but also some more places to do color and freehand.

My hope is to paint the undersides of the cowlings with a glowing effect.  We shall see how that works out in the first color test!

I added a second hair bit to the rear fin, and a combat knife.

These are not the most dramatic conversions in the word, but the bases are going to have some fun surprises on them.  In fact, these conversions will hopefully set up some very cool opportunities to have some space marines in the process of being hacked apart by the bladevanes of the jetbikes.

I will be learning a lot about making flying blood spatter and cast off with this project!