Sunday, December 9, 2012

A solid base for Mordor: The rest of the lava effects

As the Army/Navy game was drawing to a close, I was getting to the latter stages of my test bases as well.

So, I had set up my lightest colors for the glowing lava, which meant that I could now put some transparent layers of fluorescent orange over that layer.  The Fluo paints are naturally transparent, so you don't even have to thin them down.

After the initial layer of fluorescent orange, I added some of my reddish brown to that and did some darker portions around the masses of cooling lava.

That color gets progressively darker, and eventually I start adding black into that mixture.

Some of the orange is drybrushed on the underside of the rocks to get lava reflected light.  Meanwhile, on the upper surfaces, I do some cooler dyrbrushing by mixing a very dark brown with a pale green.

I did some more orange lava reflections and some more drybrushing on the upper areas.

As that stuff dried (in addition to the black/brown washes), I worked on the black marble on the top.

I had a shadow grey mixed with a blue green put down as a middle tone layer.  The veins would be lightened further by mixing in that same pale green color.

The pale green is lightened a bit, defining the veins a bit more...

And this is our ultimate result...

Only 25-30 more bases to go!


  1. awesome bases, thanks for inspiration!;-)

    1. Thanks! Now I can't wait to paint the guys that go on top of these...

      This makes me think that I need to do some 40k bases that have some sort of burning wreckage that will let me do some firey effects!