Saturday, December 15, 2012

Having a leg to stand on: starting to paint the Plague Hulk

I will be continuing with the Plague Hulk project here as I continue my efforts to figure out the Kickstarter proposal.  There were enough unexpected elements involved that adjustments had to be made.  It would also help if the "save" button truly meant save (sorry to blow off steam there!)

Anyway, back to the painting.  I should mention that all these images are near the end of that "shaded basecoat" stage.  At this point, my main goal is to have color everywhere, so that I can judge how light or dark I want something to be.

For example, if something is primed white, and you only paint little parts of it at a time, even a relatively light color, such as fortress grey, is going to appear very dark.  If the mini is primed black, that same color will seem very bright!

So, I try to eliminate that effect by starting out with that all important middle tone.

When I used to teach my pastel classes, I would demonstrate this concept with 3 different colors of pastel paper (light, middle tone, and dark).  It had a very dramatic effect!  It is something I plan to do on the Shaded Basecoat DVD.  It will be in that first 20 minute segment where I discuss what the technique is, and why I use it, the benefits, etc.

When I am painting these initial greens, for example, I try to have a few different kinds of green on my palette.  Some more yellow green, some that are practically teal, etc.  This promotes the variations in colors that would not be possible if I were to dab away at small, isolated parts of the figure.

It's even more important when you are working on monstrosities such as this!

Well, that's it for now folks.  This busy day has gotten 3 times busier, so I must try to put out all these fires with my empty can of diet Root Beer...

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