Saturday, December 15, 2012

Feel like the Plague? Creating the Plague Hulk

As I spend a very late night battling with the Kickstarter proposal, I have dredged up something from the archives... making a Nurgle Plague Hulk.

So, after lots of scrubbing down of the resin parts, I attached them to the plastic kit.  It was clear that I needed to "Nurglize" those parts!

So, out came the green stuff... mixing more yellow than blue.  As I did with the Decimator, I added alots of pustules and other nasty stuff!!

After the green stuff cured, I added some oxide paste to realy get some nice corrosion going.  This also adds some extra strength to joints, as you will see in later posts.

I never thought that the oxide paste was something I would use on anything else besides bases or terrain!!  It never hurts to experiment, I guess :-)

Well, it looks like the battle with the proposal will have to resume later.  My head is hurting...

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