Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shading and glazing the Easterlings: work in progress

Once I had the shaded basecoat fully prepared for this next stage, it was time to break out the glazes!!
Here are a few shots so you can see what they looked like before the glazes were applied:

I did some work on the reds since you last saw these guys...

I started by doing some glazes on this Black dragon knight.  Most of the focus was on the armor.  I made sure to vary my colors, some more greenish, some with purple mixed in with the sepia, and so on.

More work on the armor.  While I was at it, I also did some purple glazes on my reds to darken them, and some brown/black mixes on the leathers.

So, the infantry has their metals completed.  On to the horsies!

The first horse was the drummer.  Varying the armor glazes was a little easier here, since the areas were bigger than the infantry.  This image also shows you the washes and glaze colors that I used.

The horses sure look different once they have been shaded, don't they?

Once the armor was done, it was time to shade the horses.

Then I took the dark blue glaze and did all the cloaks and tunics...

Now we have some images to show  the final results of this phase...

At this point, I have to go back and do some reflected light and establish the brightest highlights.  Stay tuned!!

I do hope these posts are helpful.  Since I am busy painting away at these figures, I don't always get the pictures that I want, as the figures are the priority. :-)


  1. You know one of these times at Adepticon I really need to take one of your classes to fine tune my painting.

    1. I know I keep talking about making the painting videos that folks have been requesting. If I could ever get the time, there is a possibility that Rich could help out with his camera and editing software...

      The problem is getting the time! Way too much stuff to paint...