Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wrath of Kings: Dragon Legion

Well, it was a very busy day yesterday!  Today we have some Wrath of Kings.  This time, it is the Dragon Legion, and these are their basic troops.  Many of you probably saw the little post I did earlier about their bases...


  1. You know... It took me a few moments to realise what I found "off" about your marbled bases: it's that the texture is literally "skin-deep", and doesn't carry through the broken edges!

    Even though on the one face may be polished, the colour and texture would still carry through the edges to some extent, wouldn't it? ;0)

    Anyway, it's a minor nit-pick on an otherwise stunning PJ, but it did strike me nonetheless and wondered if you'd ever carried the "material" of marbled faces through the the thickness of the slabs before?

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog!

      Sometimes I do carry through the marble, sometimes not. Many times I am using the marble as a "panel" or a tile, which is why you see the rocks underneath. Since the figure standing on it is only an inch tall, there is not a lot of thickness to the sheet :-)

  2. These guys are Dragon Legionnaires from the House/Faction Shael Han.