Monday, October 29, 2012

Racing towards the finish line: Trying to get ready for Bilbo's Bash!

Sorry for the delay folks!  It was Cathy's birthday today, so it was a busy day in Wappelville.

You saw in the previous post that I made a bonehead mistake on my Evil roster, somehow adding 2 extra war drums!  I guess I should not be entirely surprised with the pace of things these days.  Bilbo's Bash is this coming weekend, and a ton of work remains to be done... Yikes!

I tried to show how I went about making the banner figure as quickly as possible, utilizing a partially painted Kataphract.  I added a banner made of a Tomb Kings halberd, tin foil and green stuff.

This had to be painted in a slightly different color scheme than the other Easterling cavalry you have seen, since this guy does not have the Black Dragon upgrade.  In the heat of the tournament, I don't want to forget something like that, as it it is not very fair to my opponents.

The banner was painted as close as possible to the 'official' metal version, but I wanted to add a serpent (following my story line), and have a stronger association with Sauron.  Thus, the Eye of Sauron is featured, as it was on the Khandish banners.

The armor was painted less gold than the Black Dragons... almost more of a brassy look.  The idea was to have them be a lower class of warrior

And yes, all the Uglies love a party!  Especially when there is CAKE!

Not all terrain projects are the same.  This is one of the more unusual terrain pieces I have built. :-)  The little guys need a place to play, after all!


  1. Damn! Your miniatures make me want to play LOTR..

    1. I resisted playing the game for years. I tried it once, and it was entirely different than what was expected!

      The more I play it the more I get out of it, and the more I enjoy it. Creating your own scenarios and campaigns are very easy, and yo don't have to spend hundreds of $$$ to own all of the army books! Yea!

    2. I have few plastic minis Ive got very cheaply in the past
      but never intended to play the game.

      LOTR was always dramatically far from what interest me in gaming, with all those silly hobbits, and orcs..
      And now I started to paint one of them inspired by your wappelstyle, and i quite like it even in his rough looks much unlike your excellence..

      Esterling kataphracts (i love Byzantine style horse armor)and elves are most interesting thing here so you are luring my into painting some of mine and trying to resist urge to get those kataphracts :)
      Evil of you..

    3. Sauron says: "Give 'em a try!" :-)

      Actually, I am sure that the new plastic boxed set of Kataphracts is a lot easier to deal with than these, and it probably has the cmmand stuff included. For me, I have a tendency to get evil pleasure from making those myself...

  2. Good last minute addition to the Evil army Jim. I didn't know you had 2 drummers??? I will come and watch you kick asss at the tourney!!! Rich

    1. I actually was wasting 30 points on TWO extra drums. Basically, they were fighting with 570 points vs 600 point enemies.

      Ironically, the extra points leave me with the same amount of guys! The darn banner costs almost as much as the extra drums. It was like a Greateful Dead concert...

    2. You fought me with 30 less points AND still destroyed me! That shoud make you more confident. Rich PS hapy 28th birthday to Cathy!!!

    3. It made me feel stupid and smart all at the same time!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! These guys are not the easiest figs to paint, since the sculpts tend to be a bit rough.