Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plague Coptas! Slime kites?

I have painted some unusual figures in the last 12 years, but these were definitely in the running for the most bizarre. :-)

This was the first time that I used the fluorescent paints to enhance a 'flesh' tone... in this case, using the magenta to make the soreness around the pustules really be toxic and inflamed.  I was very happy with that, so it's something I will definitely try again.

I had restricted the Fluorescents to glowing effects or toxic slime, with the occasional use on NMM, which I will be doing on the Easterling Black Dragon armor...

It was also fun to develop some new color combos, mixing sky blue with certain camo greens, and contrasting those by mixing bright yellows with browns and olive drab colors.


  1. Grim, grimy, slimy, repulsive, noxious and unpleasant. Yes, you checked all the right boxes on these terrific models. James, you've done a fantastically unpleasant job on these blight-drones!!

  2. Very well done. Love the use of the magenta.

  3. Love it. How did you maintain the texture throughout the model while blending the surfaces? It's very effective.

    Fluorescent like really glow in the dark, or like day glow? Either way, is there a particular brand you use?

    1. Thanks! I use bigger brushes, sometimes even a flat) and work quickly so that the various colors will blend into each other. The flourescent paints are from Vallejo.

      You can see that I used them a lot on my Tomb Kings army (huge thread of posts on them!)