Sunday, June 24, 2012

Turning sketches into Tomb Art: Armies on Parade


As the upper level of the display board moved on, it was time to turn the rough sketches I had made for the back wall into something usable.  At first, I thought it would not take very long to make finished. to scale drawings at full size.  I realized this was not the case!  It took much longer to make drawings that had enough detail to cover the two sections of the back wall.

I wanted to give the viewers at least a general idea of the story behind the Tainted Pharaoh and his new patron.  Lots of research was done using my 900 page reference book on Egyptian Tomb Art.  I knew that size matters, and that the most important characters had to be bigger, and so on down the line.  I tried to reflect this in how I drew the main protagonists. 

I also wanted to see some of the Tomb King units represented in pictorial form, so that it would not simply be a mimic of ordinary Egyptian art. :-)  Here is waht I came up with...



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  1. I love TK :) I have army on 7k points.
    And I impatient follow this project.
    Setra and casket are epic... one question - do you really want paint all this? O_O