Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dante: Angels Solarus style

Today we have an alternate form of Dante, with a jump pack that matches all the other infantry of the Angels Solaris.  This type of pack also gave me a chance to get the chapter icon on it, which was a plus!

This figure is always an interesting gold NMM candidate, since everything must be gold!  That means I have to play around a lot with color temperatures and saturation.  I tended to go with cooler colors towards the base (adding more muted greens and purples), while doing high chroma yellows and oranges by the face.

Those kinds of differences, along with many sculpted areas of definition (faux muscles, etc.) allowed for many areas of high contrast in shading.  That makes like a lot easier when trying to convey gold NMM on a space marine!





  1. Jim, nicely done. I really love the Solaris emblem you've been using. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks! :-)

      It's hard to believe that this symbol originally started out as the logo for my Amazon Blood Bowl team!