Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Man the Guns!

This is my third Laffly truck for my early war French army, but it has a few extra details that the others don't.  Before version 2 was released, there was a lot of questions about how many machine guns were active on these transports... and where exactly the guns were mounted.

The new version made things a lot clearer, but I'm still glad that I did these conversion elements to this great vehicle from Mad Bob's Miniatures.  Both machine guns can be removed, and the crew firing is a very fun addition!

If you want to see what this looked like when I first did the conversion, and a conversation of what it was like to hack away at the gun on the pewter figure, you can check out this previous post:

Most of the vehicle, and the figure as well, were painted with acrylics.  Of course, I have some Mig Ammo mud effects paints, and those made short work of adding the mud and splashes!

As I became more familiar with working on these historical vehicles, I started to get a better handle on things such as stowage and other ways to customize the vehicles.  When you have up to 3 of these in your army, it can be very handy for telling them apart from a distance in the middle of a game!

Here's a link to the Mad Bob's Miniatures site:

With this completed, it is time to start filming the first of the battle reports!  I can't wait to see these on the Ardennes board, against their German Heer counterparts.

I have 13 other armies under way, so these battle reports will eventually cover every era and theatre of the conflict.  It will be part of my Patreon Page offerings once I get the recordings down and edited.

If you would like to be a part of making that all possible, here's the Page:


  1. I like the crew member on the vehicle a lot. Are driver models available? This thing screams for one.

    1. Many thanks! Sadly, there are no driver figures, or anything that could be converted into one. It would be possible with the other more common armies, as there are plastics and even drivers available...