Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mud and Guts

The early war German Heer forces have been an interesting laboratory for various basing materials.  While I need to continue that May/June forested look to match the French and BEF, I have been working in various foliage and Mig AMMO products

Since I did this artillery piece, I have gone back to using the Woodland Scenics fine foliage.  It is perfect for the forested gun emplacements.

I have also included the use of the heavy mud paints from AMMO on all of my bases, since I love the textural difference that provides, and it also helps to tie in the figures to the base, as if they are genuinely interacting with the surface.

This also has more of a fresh turned earth appearance, which is even more important on these weapon teams.

The positions look more like they have been freshly dug... especially if I can save a few shovels from the infantry sprues!!!

The view from above shows off the mud.  While you can make the usual sand and gravel look like dirt when it's painted, that still does not have the extra touch of the Mig Mud.

Many more gun teams are on the way, including the heavy howitzer and its five man crew.  Stay tuned!!


  1. That does look the business.

    1. Hopefully it hits all of its targets!! :-)

  2. Fantastic work. For some reason I especially like the log with the sharpened end, as if it was cut down to make a fire lane. Excellent piece adding story to the unit!

    Btw James, Faeit212 just finished rebuilding their blog roll, if you were previously on it, just have to email to get back on it. (good source of views, not that you need any!)

    1. Thanks! You would not believe how much I agonize over what I put down there. :-) Should there be more logs... sandbags, etc. Thanks for the heads up as well... I remember that site! It's been quite a while since I had seen that.